Are you (or your clients) struggling with low energy, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, heart issues, osteoporosis or any number of other health concerns?  Are you spending money on costly supplements trying to feel better but still feel unwell?

The truth is, almost all health conditions are affected by the levels and delicate balances of minerals in your body (magnesium, sodium, potassium, copper, calcium, zinc, etc). Yet, we take these delicate balances for granted. Even most health practitioners as well as health/nutrition/medical training programs still do not adequately address this vital connection to health.  

People (doctors included) are taught to rely on blood tests to evaluate the body's mineral status. Blood, however, is a very poor indicator of mineral status, and tests often come back 'normal' even when severe imbalances might be present. Truth is, every single one of us has mineral imbalances that, today or tomorrow, will affect us.

Minerals are the 'sparkplugs of life'.  Without them, life would cease to exist. In order to achieve optimal health and energy, you need to understand how mineral imbalances affect your body and what you can do to intelligently address those imbalances.

"The Mineral Mastery course should be a compulsory unit in every medical and naturopathic and nutrition school - then we might actually have a healthcare system instead of a disease management one!"  

~Jo Hainsworth, Health Practitioner

Bridging the Gap Between Mineral Science and Nutrition/Health

Many health and nutrition writers currently have poor understanding of how minerals work in our bodies at the cellular level. Yet this understanding is imperative for any intelligent discussion about nutrition or health. Most medical and nutrition schools also currently do not teach or adequately cover this topic of mineral nutrition in their curriculum. This has led to a huge disconnect between accurate mineral information and that which is being presented to the public...
Bridging the Gap Between Mineral Science and Nutrition/Health

Dispelling the Flood of Nutrition Myths

Society and the Internet alike are flooded with nutritional myths that most people take for granted as simply being true. For example, we're told to supplement extra calcium to strengthen our bones - (the fact is doing so can actually make our bones weaker without sufficient amounts of magnesium!). We're led to believe that multi-vitamins are good for us- (the fact is in most cases they could be harmful and even making us more nutritionally deplete!). There's a dire need to start providing the public (and practitioners) with real data and information on how vitamins and minerals work and what constitutes intelligently balanced nutrition.
Dispelling the Flood of Nutrition Myths

"Mineral Mastery" is a comprehensive, much-needed course that addresses the current knowledge gap in the area of mineral nutrition/health and dispels many of the common nutrition myths out there, empowering everyone to learn the secrets of mineral balancing and good nutrition.

  • Scientifically Backed-Up

    The material is backed by many decades of scientific research studies along with clinical experiences of many of the world's leading experts in mineral nutrition/health.

  • 7 Video Units

    Presented in an easy to use format of 7 video-based units which you can watch at your own pace and schedule, as well as go back to review again as often as you wish.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Feel this course hasn't given you remarkable value? Simply email us within 30 days of purchase and ask for a full refund!

Some Of The Countless Things You'll Be Learning In This Course:

  • Sources and roles of the key macro-minerals your body needs (i.e. sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, etc), reasons why they become so easily imbalanced, and the health implications that result

  • The 2 important minerals that almost everyone is deficient in and that you should be paying extra attention to in diet or supplement form

  • How depression, anxiety, even relationship struggles, are often directly linked to specific mineral imbalances

  • How to stop wasting money on supplements that your body doesn't need, or that could be even worsening your health!

  • Why the accumulation of copper should be on the radar of every woman, and how it links to hypothyroid, fatigue, digestive issues, depression, etc.

  • Why taking more iron to fix anemia is usually not the answer

  • Why taking vitamin supplements (for most people) is making their body even more nutritionally deplete...and how to supplement intelligently.

  • Why most blood tests (and doctors) suggest your mineral levels are fine, when in fact there is an extremely high chance you have deficiencies that are (or will) affect your health.

  • How toxic metals impact health and how to use your body's minerals to defend against the ravages of toxic metal exposure....and much much more!

Who This Course Is For

  • Nutritionists Or Health Coaches

    Much of the information provided in this course in NOT currently being taught in health coaching or nutrition schools. With this additional training, you'll be able to design much more targeted and effective health programs for your clients.

  • Mental Health Counsellors

    The link between mind and minerals is rarely taught in most schooling, despite the fact that depression, anxiety, violence and many other mental health conditions can be influenced by mineral imbalances. With such information, you'll be able to better serve your patients more effectively.

  • Anyone Who Simply Cares About Their Own Health

    This course is also for anyone who simply cares about his/her own health, regardless of age or health status. Whether you're currently healthy or have certain health conditions and are looking for answers, you'll find loads of invaluable and practical information that can help you.

Testimonials From Past Students

“Fantastic course - quality training not often seen in the nutritional world these days. Really appreciate you highlighting that reliance on blood tests is the core issue holding people back from seeing the huge need for mineral balancing and detoxification of toxic metals. It was all really interesting, and I'll be going back through the whole course again. I also want to salute you for the incredibly important role you are playing getting accurate information out into the world. The mineral mastery course should be a compulsory unit in every medical and naturopathic and nutrition school - then we might actually have a healthcare system instead of a disease management one!”

Health Practitioner

Jo Hainsworth

“You absolutely drive the paramount significance of this topic home. Participants will leave with an exceptionally thorough and extended understanding of minerals (as well as vitamins/nutrients), relevant biochemistry, and how and why these are so fundamental to health and wellness....Your presentation is thorough, relevant and very well done. This is absolutely appropriate for anyone and everyone to take part in.”

Wellness coach and student of naturopathy

Megan Westbrook

“This opened my eyes to what is severely lacking in today's disease management industry. It amazes me that the information I'm learning in this course is not shared by doctors today....Thank you Rick. EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION!! Educate yourself to be better informed in your healthcare and that of your children. We OWE at least that much to them.”

Anna Iacoviello

“I do believe that everyone should have this information and I've been sharing this with my clients....Thank you Rick for what you do and for your commitment to get this information out there. ”

Wellness coach

Suzanne Lightheart

“Just WOW! I don't know what to say, really....speechless! It covers sort of everything. I love everything about the course. Although I know pretty much already, I learned alot of new things. The information given was above and beyond my expectation! ”

Marie E

“Loved the course! Thank you! I am inspired to really understand the interconnectedness of the minerals and heavy metals, and be able to put that into action (for myself and clients). This course was absolutely the foundation I needed to begin that task of deep understanding and application.”

Lisa Beach, Ph.D.

“I felt that the course was very informative and well laid out. I plan to listen to the course in its entirety again and take notes this second time. I do think that all people in the health field would benefit from the course. ”

DHHP, RCST, HTMA Practitioner

Michelle Haley

“The information was incredible. I have dozens of books on nutritional healing and herbs and have taken many courses over the years. This one was by far the most informative of them all. I think every person should have this information. ”

Diane T

About The Instructor

As one of North America's leading mineral experts, Rick is uniquely qualified to bring you this rarely taught information. A Certified Health Coach, Author, and Nutritional Educator and Speaker, he is also an internationally recognized and highly sought after HTMA (Tissue Mineral Analysis) Practitioner helping clients balance their minerals for improving health.  Taught directly by several of the most respected and longest practicing 'mineral practitioners' in the world today, he has been gifted with training in this field that very few others receive.  Backed by well over 4000 hours of additional research into minerals, and with over a thousand clients worldwide, he is a passionate expert in the field of mineral balancing and tissue mineral analysis.  

He is also one of the world's leading experts in copper toxicity, a mineral imbalance that silently affects a large percentage of the population, especially women. Triggered by the deep pain of seeing how this mineral imbalance affected a loved one, the widespread medical and social ignorance surrounding it, and choosing not to turn away but rather elevate support for those affected, he went on to create what has become today the Internet's #1 education and support resource on the topic (coppertoxic.com).

It's Rick's mission to educate and bring awakened awareness to this specialized yet fundamentally important aspect of nutrition in the hope of seeing a better world where people are empowered by the knowledge of how minerals affect all functions of health, and are more fully informed about the nutritional and supplement choices they make. 

A Very Small Investment....To Achieving Optimal Health!

Most health and nutrition training programs/courses out there charge anywhere between $600 to $6000 or more for their curriculum, yet still don't teach you even a fraction of what you'll learn from "Mineral Mastery".

What if the knowledge you gain here saves you even 1 hospital bill? 

...Or provides the missing puzzle piece to a health condition you've been suffering from for years?

...Or gives you more energy to enjoy life with those you love?

How much is that worth to you?


For the small investment of just $495, the knowledge you gain from "Mineral Mastery" will enable you to make wiser nutritional decisions and empower you to start achieving optimal health for both yourself and your loved ones.

So click the link below to sign up and start learning today!