Jo Hainsworth, Health Practitioner


Stacey Turner

FDN-P, Fitness Trainer, Health Practitioner

“As a Health Practitioner and Fitness Trainer, I want to thank you for your dedication and education! I have been in the health/fitness industry for over 25 years and out of all my education have never been taught how crucial mineral balancing is. It was the missing piece in my own healing journey. The Mineral Mastery course was very informative, put together for anyone to understand...greatly appreciated!”​

Lovedeep Dhunna

FDN-P, B.Kin, Performance Coach

I'm loving the course!! I really appreciate the links you're making between emotional, traumatic and biochemical and the other way around.... (Myself) studying Osteopathy as the bridge to the physiological side of things, your work has really provided more clarity and tangibly to everything, it's really exciting.”

Jillian Strong

Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Fitness Coach

This course was exceptional. Very easy to understand and highlighted so many issues that my current clients are facing. I am excited beyond words to dig into HTMA further to start helping the individuals that put their trust in me. Thank you for being a voice, I will follow your lead!”

Dana Negoita

BSc, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

I highly recommend the Mineral Mastery course. The course was an excellent deep dive into Minerals and how to use them not only for myself, but in my nutritional therapy practice. Rick's course does an excellent job of combining how to test, balance the minerals and introducing us to how to detox the Toxic Metals. The course was well paced and the information was presented in an easy to understand format. The length of the instructional videos was easy to do in single sittings and the learning was perfectly paced. Rick is very knowledgeable, passionate and shares this knowledge generously both during the course and after. ”

Tara Thorne

Functional Nutritionist, FDN-P, HTMA Practitioner

"This was my second time doing the course - it's absolutely exceptional! Thank you so much for your wealth of knowledge and sharing it with us all! "

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"Your course is phenomenal.  Anybody who works with patients really should take this course!


...The whole time (taking the course) I was like 'I wish I had this knowledge when I was treating my patients'. There's so much in there that's so useful...It is priceless info!"

Alyssa Dazet, LAc. DiplOM

Course Curriculum

Michelle Haley

DHHP, RCST, HTMA Practitioner

“I felt that the course was very informative and well laid out. I plan to listen to the course in its entirety again and take notes this second time. I do think that all people in the health field would benefit from the course. ”

Anna Orlinska

Certified Personal Trainer, Cousellor, Sports Nutrition Coach, Reiki Practitioner

“I have been working in the health and wellness field for over 12 years and am certified in Sports Nutrition and Personal Training. I have also gone through Copper Toxicity and all the devastating effects it had on my health.


Nutrition was something I always believed I was well versed and educated in. But that belief changed after I took the Mineral Mastery course.


The world of nutrition focuses so heavily on protein, fats, and carbs. Yet, healing and overall health cannot be optimized without one's minerals working optimally. Likewise, epidemics such as that of copper toxicity continue to wreak havoc on women's health when this information is not taught.


This course was EXTREMELY eye-opening for me not only with regards to my own health and healing but with how I deliver successful service to my clients now as well. I cannot recommend this course enough. The information provided surpasses even what most doctors and health practitioners know.


The value this course has provided me with regards to my own health and the level of service I can now offer my clients is FAR beyond the cost of the course itself."

Lisa Pitel-Killah

Functional Medicine Practitioner, Precision Nutrition & Health Coach, Kettlebell Sport World Champion

"I learned a lot, which has added to my library of learning for my clients. I would highly recommend this course to others!"

Dr. Richard Malter, PhD

Clinical Psychologist & Nutritionist (retired), with 40 years

specializing in copper toxicity & mineral-based psychology

I don't know of any college, university, or medical research center that even comes close to the body of copper information that Rick [Mineral Mastery instructor] has brought together." 

Vanessa F.

This course was incredible. Eye opening. It makes me realize that in an attempt to correct my health issues (on my own because no one has been able to help) for years, how much more damage I’ve probably done. This course was finally able to describe WHY I was having the reactions I was when I would take a specific vitamin, for example, that I was always told was good for me. I strongly suggest this course to everyone. I wish the whole world could experience it. Rick’s passion through the course is evident. Once taught, it seems like all of this should be common sense and it’s an outrage that so many of us stay sick. Working in healthcare for 10+ years has led me to be passionate about this topic, so I appreciate someone who has the same passion and yet much more knowledge about it!

Geri M.

Doctor of Osteopathy

“I’ve just completed the mineral mastery course..LOVED IT! Thank you so much for such an informative course. It turned a lot of what I thought I knew, on its head! But it all made so much sense and seems so obvious now. The information was given in a clear and considered manner. This course is a must!

Wellness Coach


Rick Fischer

Founder, Instructor