Jo Hainsworth, Health Practitioner


Stacey Turner

FDN-P, Fitness Trainer, Health Practitioner

“As a Health Practitioner and Fitness Trainer, I want to thank you for your dedication and education! I have been in the health/fitness industry for over 25 years and out of all my education have never been taught how crucial mineral balancing is. It was the missing piece in my own healing journey. The Mineral Mastery course was very informative, put together for anyone to understand...greatly appreciated!”​

Anna Iacoviello

Mother of 2

“An excellent course! I definitely encourage everybody to take Mineral Mastery. Such a gift! Rick's hard work comes from a place of love, and a drive to educate the world on the importance of mineral health. You will not be disappointed! This course opened my eyes to what is severely lacking in today's disease management industry. It amazes me that the information in this course is not shared by doctors today....Thank you Rick. EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION!! Educate yourself to be better informed in your healthcare and that of your children. We OWE at least that much to them.”

Tara Thorne

Functional Nutritionist, FDN-P, HTMA Practitioner

"This was my second time doing the course - it's absolutely exceptional! Thank you so much for your wealth of knowledge and sharing it with us all! "

Jillian Strong

Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Fitness Coach

This course was exceptional. Very easy to understand and highlighted so many issues that my current clients are facing. I am excited beyond words to dig into HTMA further to start helping the individuals that put their trust in me. Thank you for being a voice, I will follow your lead!”

Raquel Nunez

Mother of 4

"There was so much wonderful information [in this course]. My goal is to help my children heal, grow healthy and learn all about balancing the body through nutrition.

I homeschool my 4 children and I had included Nutritional Balancing as a subject. This class of yours will be our guide. To me, this is the BEST inheritance we can leave them and for their generations to come." ~Raquel and Family

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Alyssa Dazet, LAc. DiplOM

More Love From Our Students...

Lisa Pitel-Killah

Functional Medicine Practitioner, Precision Nutrition & Health Coach, Kettlebell Sport World Champion

"I learned a lot, which has added to my library of learning for my clients. I would highly recommend this course to others!"

Dr. Richard Malter, PhD

I don't know of any college, university, or medical research center that even comes close to the body of copper information that Rick [Mineral Mastery instructor] has brought together." 

Diane T.

“The information was incredible. I have dozens of books on nutritional healing and herbs and have taken many courses over the years. This one was by far the most informative of them all. I think every person should have this information.”

Lisa W.


“I enjoyed this course and format very much...this work is so important. I cannot imagine how amazing it would be if every single doctor had to learn about this in medical school.”

Michelle O'Neil

Vanessa F.

The course was incredible. Eye opening. It makes me realize that in an attempt to correct my health issues (on my own because no one has been able to help) for years, how much more damage I’ve probably done. This course was finally able to describe WHY I was having the reactions I was when I would take a specific vitamin, for example, that I was always told was good for me. I strongly suggest this course to everyone. I wish the whole world could experience it. Rick’s passion through the course is evident, and I get it. Once taught, it seems like all of this should be common sense and it’s an outrage that so many of us stay sick. Working in healthcare for 10+ years has led me to be passionate about this topic, so I appreciate someone who has the same passion and yet much more knowledge about it!”


Rick Fischer

Founder, Instructor

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